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Shouldice Stone

Strata Brick Smooth

Strata Brick Smooth features a smooth face in a standard size that meets both contemporary design and construction objectives. Strata Brick Smooth is a frogged unit. There are several benefits associated with frogged units. These include weight savings versus solid units, mortar not shallowed by cores, the brick keys to the wall and the elimination of “float”. Further, frogged units have a stronger fire rating because of more mass compared to cored units. They feature strong water repellency with no core to trap moisture and there is no core weak point.


  • Width: 3.5"

  • Height: 3.125"

  • Length: 10.125"


  • Strata Brick Smooth is a quality Concrete Masonry Block Unit.

  • Strata Brick Smooth exceeds the CSA A165.2 Series-04 and the ASTM C-55-11 specifications. Strata Brick Smooth will not flake or deteriorate whether it is used above grade, at grade or even below grade.

  • Maximum water absorption by mass not to exceed 8 percent.

  • Recommended to be installed with Type ‘N’ masonry cement (see TEK 9-1A Mortars for Concrete Masonry).

  • Strata Brick Smooth is manufactured using an integral water repellent agent which inhibits water absorption and efflorescence for a lifetime of performance.

  • Minimum compressive strength 4,000 PSI.

  • Recommended mortar joint 1/2″.

  • Cold weather construction – refer to installation guidelines.

  • Manufactured Under U.S. Patent 4,335,549 and Canadian Patents 1,169,265 and 2,127,191.

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