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River Bend

Best Block Split Face Concrete Masonry Units (CMU’s) are a distinctive and economical way to build virtually any commercial, industrial or retail project. Split Face CMU’s, often referred to as Rock-Face, are used for multiple applications from practical single-wythe, load-bearing walls to masonry veneers or wainscots on a wide variety of projects.

Using the proper mix designs and hydraulic pressure at the proper settings allows us to control the “Split”, resulting in the exposure of the aggregate’s natural beauty in a relatively flat plane. The “Split” dynamic also results in no two CMU faces being identical. This ultimately enhances the appearance of the wall and the entire structure when production is complete.

Best Block Split Face CMU’s meet or exceed the standards of ASTM C 90 and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Please remember, all exterior CMU walls must be produced with an integral water-repellent and installed with a water repellent admixture in the mortar otherwise, a surface sealer which is breathable must be applied.


  • Reduced installation costs

  • Reduced building life-cycle cost

  • Durable, fast and simple concrete masonry construction

  • Safe and secure buildings

  • Pleasing interior and exterior surfaces

  • Versatility, in load-bearing or veneer applications: schools, colleges, office buildings, hospitals, churches, banks, armories, industrial buildings, detention facilities, shopping centers, and homes

  • Fire-safety, energy efficiency and sound absorption

  • Enhanced aesthetic beauty for any project

  • Unlimited options in design creativity

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