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Great Lakes Diamond Polished Ground Faced Units are the most elegant choice you can make using a Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU). Diamond Polished Ground Faced Units can be used for load-bearing walls, masonry veneers or as distinctive accents within your design. The natural beauty of the earth’s aggregate is exposed by grinding the block’s surface with a diamond blade, resulting in a beautiful, polished stone-like texture. Diamond Polished Ground Faced Units meet or exceed the standards or ASTM C 90 and are available in a variety or sizes and colors.

The elegance of the Great Lakes Diamond Polished Ground Faced Unit is achieved by applying a surface coat after the walls are cleaned. This enhances and highlights the color you’ve selected for your design. Please remember, all exterior CMU walls must be produced with an integral water-repellent and installed with a water repellant admixture in the mortar, otherwise a surface sealer which is breathable must be applied.


  • Reduced installation costs

  • Reduced building life-cycle cost

  • Easy to maintain surfaces

  • Durable, fast and simple concrete masonry construction

  • Safe and secure buildings

  • Pleasing interior and exterior surfaces

  • Versatility, in load-bearing or veneer applications: schools, colleges, office buildings, hospitals, churches, banks, armories, industrial buildings, detention facilities, shopping centers, and homes

  • Fire-safety, energy efficiency and sound absorption

  • Enhanced aesthetic beauty for any project

  • Unlimited options in design creativity

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