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Eden Stone

Eden Rustic Royal Chateau

Eden® Rustic Royal Chateau® is a non-dimensional blend made up of 100% natural bedface material.  Eden® Rustic Royal Chateau® is snapped on all 4 sides and offers a less structured layout than it’s more more formal sibling.  To soften the edges, try tumbling Eden® Rustic to add age and character to your final project.  Add Rustic Royal Chateau® to other non dimensional blends for the added color and texture provided by bedface material.


  • Full Veneer – 3 1/2″ to 5″ in wall depth
    Heights:  4″-14″


  • Thin Veneer – 1 1/4″  in wall depth (+/- 1/4″)
    Heights:  4″ – 12“


  • Approximately 34 sq.ft. per ton

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