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4 x 8 Wall Block

The 4x8 basic, single-sided retaining wall unit is the ultimate do-it-yourself block, versatile across a variety of landscaping applications. Primarily useful as a small garden wall, stack these units on top of each other and overlap the joints for a lovely and functional outdoor design.?This 4x8 block unit can also be interchanged with 4x12 garden wall units to further “elevate” your wall’s aesthetic look and feel. Use of concrete adhesive is suggested to adhere courses for maximum wall strength. Maximum suggested height: 3 courses (or 12-in high).


 4”H x 8”L


  • 4x8 units can be assembled to create straight and/or curved retaining walls

  • Hard split texture is produced with premium color blends

  • Builds a single sided (one-faced) retaining wall

  • Lightweight design can also be used as an edger

  • Retaining wall max height recommendation is 3 courses (or 12-in)

  • Use of concrete adhesive is recommended

  • Color, dimensions, weight and textures may vary slightly due to natural materials used during manufacturing; check your local store for precise information

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