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Eden Stone

Artesian Blend

A customer requested this bold blend of colors, and it was so beautiful, we added it to our product list!  A combination of 90% Splitface and 10% Seamface, Artesian Blend offers a a blend of Deep Blue, Rich Gold, Soft Silver and Medium Buff.  If you are in the Fond du Lac area, stop by our friends at Whispering Springs Golf Course and check out their gorgeous clubhouse. Clad in Artesian Blend, it’s a great example of complimentary materials highlighted with a pop of color.


  • Heights: 2”-6”

  • Full veneer: 3 ½" to 5" in wall depth

  • Thin veneer: 1 ¼”  in wall depth (+/- ¼”)


  • Approximately 38 sq.ft. per ton

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