Brampton Brick


Select Series provides a cost-effective option for your commercial building project. With its straight edges and velour texture, Select Series balances a traditional design with modern appeal. These clay bricks come in 8 colors, including Amber, Kodiak, Maroon, Morrocan Red, Rose, Silver, Sundown and Valencia. It’s just one of the many brick and stone building products available from Brampton Brick, one of North America’s leading brick manufacturers.




Length 194 mm (7 5/8")

Height 57 mm (2 1/4")

Depth 92 mm (3 5/8")

Per square foot 6.8

Per square meter 73.5



  • Compressive Strength (min): 40-60 MPa or 5800-8700 psi

  • 5 Hour Boil Water Absorption: 4-8%

  • 24 Hour Cold Water Absorption: 3%-6%

  • C/B Ratio: 0.65-0.75


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